Air Conditioning, Cold Stores, and Refrigeration FAQs

Why is Air Conditioning important for my business?

Air conditioning can provide a comfortable working environment for staff and customers by maintaining the desired temperature despite the outside temperature. There are health and safety guidelines in place from the government for a ‘reasonable temperature’ in your workplace to be maintained, as well as the added benefit of increased productivity. Although portable units are available to purchase, these are often not the most effective option as they are not purpose designed for the space they are trying to cool, meaning they will not be able to manage the whole environment. All our air-conditioning units are designed for each installation to take into consideration the size and positioning of the room to ensure the recommended temperature is maintained.

Ventilation will ensure your environment is supplied with fresh air. Under current legislation, employers in the UK are required to ensure that all enclosed workplaces are sufficiently ventilated, in order to provide a healthy working environment. Failure to provide the required level of ventilation can lead to a number of health problems for workers, including headaches, tiredness, itchy skin and eye irritation; symptoms which are collectively known as SBS (Sick Building Syndrome), an effective ventilation system can help to prevent this and keep your workforce healthy and safe.

Can an Air Conditioning system both heat and cool?

Yes, it can. All our air-conditioning systems can provide heat as well as cooled air. The system can be set and changed depending on your preferences throughout the year. All our units are fitted and maintained by qualified engineers meaning they will be much safer than electric heaters and by using a thermostat to monitor the room temperature your air-conditioning unit will only run when required turning itself off automatically when the desired temperature is reached. Ensuring your unit runs efficiently and safely.

Do DD Cooling offer a Maintenance Contract?

Yes, we do. Following a new installation, we would send a maintenance schedule quotation specific to the serviceable items.

Regular maintenance of equipment may seem like an inconvenience or added expense, but in reality, it is an appointment well worth making as the benefits of maintaining your equipment include:

  • Equipment will require fewer costly breakdowns.
  • Ensures Greater Energy Efficiency.
  • Prolongs the life of your system.
  • Maintains the conditions of your warranty.

We also offer maintenance contracts for existing installed equipment as required. It is never too late to start maintaining your equipment as any maintenance will improve your energy efficiency and extend the life of the equipment.

We offer 3 monthly, 6 monthly or annual visits depending on the needs and requirements of your business. We also offer preferential rates for breakdown calls once you take out a service contract with us.

What is F-Gas?

HFCs, CFCs and HCFCs all come under the term “F Gas”. These gases are used in a variety of refrigeration equipment which includes air conditioning. These gases have long been associated with contributing to ozone depletion and global warming.

Recent EU legislation means that these gases must be limited in use. The release of F gases into the atmosphere is now strictly controlled to safeguard the environment.

We are accredited and approved by REFCOM and DEFRA to test F gas equipment. We can also arrange F-gas checks as part of your Planned Maintenance Contract with us.

Where can Cold Rooms be sited?

Cold rooms and walk-in refrigeration can be constructed within existing buildings or externally to meet customers’ own specific requirements. When looking at the location, we would help you to consider safe access for your personnel and the ability to manoeuvre easily once inside by ensuring adequate dimensions and storage of products. We will also consider the type of cooling equipment most suitable for the temperature you require.

What options are available for cold rooms?

Regardless of the type of product being stored rooms can have numerous uses including:

  • Goods reception to store raw material before being placed in a different place.
  • Storage and product handling increase the shelf life of products.
  • Product display unit which would allow the consumer to easily access products in an attractive manner.

We offer a wide range of options to give you complete control over your build and facility management including remote temperature monitoring. There are 3 kinds of cold rooms: self-contained; remote condensing and multiplex condensing. Cold rooms can come either floored or floorless and with additional options of anti-slip, stainless steel or reinforced floor surfaces. In addition, we have a wide range of accessories including sliding doors, strip curtains, viewing windows, hanging rails, racking and stainless-steel protection kerbing. Our cold rooms can be designed to meet diverse capacities, temperatures and processes ranging in size and shape depending on the space you wish for them to fit into and the needs of your business.

Do you carry out site surveys?

Yes, we do. Site surveys are carried out free of charge by our own engineers to ensure specific customer requirements are met. During the survey, a fully qualified and accredited engineer will meet with you to discuss the specific needs of you and your business and will use their own experience and expertise to design a bespoke unit.  We will take into consideration the type of products that will be stored inside your unit. All designs will be discussed with you throughout the process giving you a full overview of costs, layout, and equipment to be used. We welcome your input throughout the process keeping you in control.

What type of cooling equipment is used in cold rooms?

Custom built rooms are ideal for commercial requirements your cold room is commonly made up of PU sized panel which can range in size and thickness depending on your specifications and needs.

When designing your cold room, it is important to understand there is more to consider than just the temperature of the room. The speed of the refrigeration process air will affect the rate of moisture loss in your products. We offer innovative equipment to ensure optimum temperature is maintained. Depending on use, freezer or chilled we would match the appropriate system to achieve desired temperature requirements and ensure your cold room is meeting all the needs of your business.

Are Cold Rooms just for storing food?

No.  Cold rooms can be used to put any product in them which requires chilling or freezing.

Although more commonly used to store perishable goods we have a wide range of industries we have installed cold rooms for including florists, breweries, and pharmacies.  The goods that are stored generally have a short shelf life that can be subject to deterioration over time. Maintaining quality and keeping these products fresh is, therefore, a key priority for these businesses and the installation and the dependency of cold rooms and freezers play a vital role in their business.

How often will my cold room need servicing?

A well-maintained refrigeration unit will slow the chemical and biological processes in food. It can control deterioration, loss of quality, and prevent bacterial growth. With routine checks, fresh perishable foods such as meats, fish, fruits, and vegetables can be extended several days by cooling, and several weeks or months by freezing. We recommend a cold room is serviced twice a year, this will ensure its integrity and safety to store your business’s produce.

Testimonials Roger Coulston, Ribble Farm Fare

We buy fresh fruit and vegetables from farmers to supply the wholesale market and offer services to restaurants and schools by preparing the vegetables ahead of delivery. Therefore, efficient refrigeration is integral to our business model, and DD Cooling supports us with everything we need. They help us to save running costs year on year and provide an efficient service that we can rely on.

Roger Coulston, Ribble Farm Fare
Testimonials Austin Anderton, Brendan Anderton Butchers

Our business supplies the catering industry and we operate a central factory which distributes to customers directly, as well as two of our own retail shops in Longridge and Clitheroe. We pride ourselves on the quality of the meat we provide for customers and the service from DD Cooling is an integral part of our business offering. They have also allowed us to generate maximum efficiency and cost savings with the cooling of our produce and have provided design, building and maintenance of bespoke cold stores right the way through to improving and maintaining dated refrigeration equipment.

Austin Anderton, Brendan Anderton Butchers
Testimonials Trudy Webster, Dawn Dew Salads

We are a specialist salad crest grower and supply a range of grocers and supermarket operators. DD Cooling is 20 miles away but their personal service outweighs those we’ve experienced with other, closer suppliers. We know we get honest advice and have grown to know the teams which we love! DD Cooling has built specialist growing rooms for our delicate produce and maintains our on-site refrigeration.

Trudy Webster, Dawn Dew Salads
Testimonials The Flower Bowl

Here at the flower bowl, we have a state of the art co2 refrigeration system. This system is integral to our business, when there’s a fault with it many of the services we provide are unable to continue. Since the system was installed it has had various technical issues. After lots of back and forth, we decided to go out and see if another company would be able to help us diagnose and rectify these issues. Along came DD Cooling who came highly recommended. Over time they have been able to get the system operating fully and make it reliable, this hasn’t been an easy task. It has been time-consuming and I’m sure head-scratching at times. Now the system has been made reliable they continue to service and maintain the equipment to an excellent standard.

The Flower Bowl
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